My little paradise

Working from home today. Its already started getting quiet at work and i had zero meetings today so why not. My plan is to chill when i can this summer to be ready for what is most likely going to be a hectic fall at work. We dont have the swede holidays here so you have to take it where you can.

This is my little summer oasis. The umbrella was the missing piece to make this heaven. I can now lay out there and work as well as read my books. Hello tan.

Eating a mini strawberry i grew myself. I was leaving it for George but then it became too tempting and i just had to.

And raspberries. Live on fruit and berries at the moment.

At 7 it was time for the England game. We met up with Lollo and went to the Draft House. It was filled with drunk english people.

George was a closet Belgium fan and silently cheered when they scored. Lollo and me rooted for our adopted country. I mean, they have taken us in after all (even if they want to throw us out with Brexit).

George and me found a beer bottle on the shelf made for us. C&G beer. The awesome bar man gave it to us.

I instantly put it up in our flat. Our place looks like a happy flea market. The opposite of all swedish perfect homes. Anyone could spot it was ours a mile away. I love that, i have never been perfect and this place suit me. Im just glad George is the same as me. We’ll create a weird and wonderful home together.

Lastly, got myself a dress on sale. Im thinking this for Danis wedding in Ibiza in October. Think i will feel like an edgy dream in this.

Tonight meeting the girls for dinner at the new soho house here in White city. Bring on weekend.

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