Come on Sweden!

Totally forgot about posting today and now the game have started so im using this as a way of avoiding looking at the screen since its too much drama.

Yes, im watching the game at work and i might have postponed a meeting but it is once every 4 years. I use that as my excuse.

Look at my gladioulus! I was sure they were never going to flower but this one defied my expectations and is now a pretty red. One of 10 thoughs so still an overall fail. What i get from buying them from poundland.

Yesterdays dinner. Typical ‘man is away and you cook all the good things’. Padron peppers, potatoes and nectarine. Winner dinner.

Yesterday as well. This is exactly how i feel. I am couch.

But today very excited. I have my sweden tattoos and sweden outfit. This needs to happen. If we win I will cheer by myself with a drink. George is out again so it will be me, Woolly and the couch. Standard tuesday.

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