Date night

The heat wave continues. Im sure that for years we will talk about summer -18. The never ending summer when everyone melted in the big city. Not even i need to stay outside to enjoy every minute any longer.

Yesterday i wore the t-shirt George gave me. Swag to the max.

I also made the huge mistake of wearing a black leather skirt. Melting.

But, i wanted to dress up since George and me went do a date night at Aquavit.  Never say no to some delicious swede food. And even better when one of the best bartenders manages the bar. Between Jay and Dora we got treated like kings.

Drank delicious things with names like Aurora

And i had a very non swede starter with oysters but just too good to not eat.

But then, meatballs and Biff Rydberg. Exactly as amazing as it looks. We ate until our bellies couldnt take any more.


Even if i was crazy full decided to go for some dessert. This is an arctic birds nest. White chocolate on blueberry sorbet with honey ‘branches’. Even some edible gold. Looked like a magpie nest.

After all that awesome food we went to chill with Jay in the bar for a while before going to Mimis for a nightcap. One of those lovely summer evenings seeing friends and having a date night the way we both love, surrounded by people we care about

Fell asleep safely in the arms of my love.

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