And this is the reason i bought a pool

Its a bit chillier today. Ony 23 degrees. Its nice to actually feel a bit cool again. And wanting hugs, had forgotten how much i like hugs.

Working from home today. Its so quiet at work i get about 10 emails a day. So im chilling on the sofa. Too cool for pool though.

But that was not the case on Saturday when it was time for our spontaneous pool party to watch the sweden england game.

Pool was all ready to rock and rumble, with pride inflatable and all.

I got myself all dressed up. Any chance i get as you guys know.

A mix of swedes and non swedes. But no english people. We dont support that on our football pool party day.

Lily looked all swede in her pool matching swimsuit.

Game ready! Unfortunately we lost as you guys know but not sure to not having enough excited supporters in a flat in west London.

We were on fire.

I mean, look at these football (and drinks) hungry faces.

Cant describe how much i love my pool. Its huge and ridicilous but oh so good on a sunny day. Plus Katta gave us the drink holders. Like it needed to get more awesome.

You can actually comfortably fit around 6 people. At least when they are not too drunk and rowdy.

Baby Sophie was a keen sweden supporter.

I got everyone sweden ready with face tattoos.

Half way through the game Liam showed up. He might be english but we love him anyway so he was allowed to join. Plus, we had already lost by then so it was ok.

We decided to go for the singing and dancing instead. Trust a swede to celebrate a loss as much as a win. We just want the cheese music.

Baby Sophie, already a little party animal.

So much swede, so much happiness, so many pina coladas.

And of course all the glitter. Because never a cissi party without the glitter. Katta looked like a pretty mermaid.

And Liam, the colourful pool boy.

This is where things started to go a bit blurry. As they do when its warm, you have the best people around you and you drink coladas and kimchi bloody mary.

Yeah, a face of total sober.

Finding the last of the sun in the pool before it all goes away.

Me and my man in a, very disgusting looking, pool in our garden with all our friends around us. This is life.

Then i was done. Popcorn, laying down and giving up on the night. 12h drinking is enough for this lil hero.

Yep, told you. Found W hiding in the study and decided to join him.

Woke up to your standard pounding headache and dreams of escaping your own body.

Ate pizza instead.

And laid down in our super disgusting pool because could not care less.

Life. Pretty awesome.

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