Its coming home

Today im cheering for England. Thats the good thing about having an adopted country where little old men are singing ‘its coming home’ when they are passing each other on the streets. You feel part of it. Or decide to be part of it.

So i guess ill be singing ‘its coming home’ tonight too when i meet Lollo, George and Katta at White House to see the game.

My hot man on a hot day in London. On Monday we went together to pick up mini doggo and then died on the sofa watching Lost. We are at the last season now. I missed it when it was all going down so George is watching it with me again. He is never happier than he gets to show me an old tv-series ive missed.

Yeah, standard this hot summer. Dead around the house and all doors open.

George, trying to help, refilled the pool. Problem is that he failed. He missed the whole ‘clear the wrinkles and make sure its flat’ thing so now it looks (and feels) like a wrinkly, lopsided stone. yes, i might have been a tad upset using the phrase ‘just because you are never out here you dont care’.

I dont think anything has gotten me so (silly) annoyed as George just not feeling the garden.

Found the perfect flower for my vase from dad. A hortensia.

I love this vase. Apparently mum found it a bit useless but thats why i love it. The whole single flower thing. Plus since i moved to London hortensias have become a new favourite flower.

Took a walk alon the river with Katta last night. It had finally cooled down and I decided that both W and me needed a proper walk. Feel like ive been doing nothing for the last couple of weeks. True summer life.

It was absolutely stunning outside and i felt that ache of love in my heart. For my city, my friends and my life.

Things are not always easy but they are pretty damn good.

Its weird the love you feel for a dog. He doesnt really do anything but i still think he is the cutest thing alive.

Because he is.

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