Wimbledon the faaaaancy way

Its been two days filled with sport for me. Not that i care about sport. I dont. But i do care about the world cup (if anyone missed that) and when someone invites you to the VIP experience at Wimbledon you dont say no.

So lets have a look at these two days of sport, or, when Cissi went fancy schmancy. I feel like an influencer or something hobnobbing with the rich and the famous.

On Wednesday it was the England game. Lollo asked us we wanted to watch it at White City house. As part of the soho group its all memberships but it was filled to the brim.

George was SUPER into the game. Or not. He left after the first 20 min. Couldnt deal with either the people or the game.

(ill totally use this at a basketball game at one point)

Me and Lollo were excited though. Katta joined late and the three of us cheered our hearts out for England.

But, when it went into overtime i left. Killer headache. Walked through an empty London watching the game on my phone and getting the audio from all the pubs along the way.

Got home to man and dog and saw England lose. Oh well, they gave a good game.

On thursday i was invited by one of our providers to go to Wimbledon ladies semi finals. I dressed up in my british finest and went on my way.

Not a boring view from the skyview box.

The ticket box looked like some Willy Wonka golden ticket and i felt like a million bucks.

Seriously the cutest flower arrangements.

We had never ending drinks in the box. The others had champagne, i went gin. As always. We had a 3 course lunch. Salmon and lobster. Seriously, i could get used to this.

After food we headed down to the centre court. With roadie pimms of course.

We watched two ladies semi finals. The second was Serena Williams. She is such a queen. Winning the semis 9 months after having her baby!! For reals. I think i would barely get out of the sofa.

Queen! Everyone was cheering for her and i was very happy to see her win. It was an awesome game and i soon got into all the weird cheering and stuff and tennis crowd do.

Camr back up to afternoon tea. Look at these uber cute cakes. The little wimbledon carrot cake was the best (yeah, might have tried all of the. And had scones. And strawberries and cream of course)

The games were over by 6 so we took GTs to go and wondered around the grounds. I left around 7 realising i needed a good nights sleep if i were to survive the day after (totally getting old).

Such a great day though and loving me some fancy wimbledon even if i must admit i prefer the queing old school way.

Tonight Julia is here!!!! and tomorrow we are, finally, seeing the Harry Potter play. See me rollin’.

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