All onboard the Hogwarts Express

The weeks kind of float together during summer. Not that im on holiday but its never ending warm and so quiet at work I make up things to do. This week i have no Wimbledon to break it up so it will feel loooong.

Hooray!! for kindle on your desktop.

On Friday Jules came to town. The reason was mostly Harry Potter and also me. I bought the tickets more than a year ago when i sneakily decided to find a way to make her come over when baby Agnes was big enough to be left with daddy.

Sneaky worked. So on Friday we met up for dinner and drinks in Notting hill. Starting with a pina colada at Trailer. Julia needs to taste heaven when shes in London.

After a bit of a kerfuffle with dinner place we ended up at the Elgin. W was, as always, super excited. Hlaf way through our dinner it started pouring down and we were happily chilling inside easting english pub food and planning world domination.

Singing sweet lullabies to a very unhappy and kind of bored doggo. W, you dont appreciate brilliance. Julia and i are nonsense word smiths.

On the tube home W slid into hos alter ego. Towel dog. I wish he was a crime fighting super hero but hes more of a wimpy, gremlin hating on the rain.

Once home George gave me the most epic of gifts. Light up sneakers. I mean, come one!! Sexy is not even beginning to describe this. Watch out London, this lady will light you up!

Chilly morning times on the sofa. Had to sleep here for most of the night so W and me had a proper duvet morning.

Then we headed into town for this weekends main event. The harry potter play. Yes, its two parts and we, being legends, did them both in one day. 5h theatre.

Looks at us rollin, they hatin.

Julia looks tiny in this picture. She is actually normal sized.

Before kick off we went for a light lunch at Dean Street Townhouse. Bloody Marys because, you know, Bloody Marys…

Look at this gorgeous girl. Almost 20 years friendship and counting. We’ve seen some shit together, but mostly awesome, magical things.

You get what you attract. And its never more true than with this extraordinary person.

Btw, crab. Just the best.

Ready for the showdown.

After the first part we headed to Covent Garden and sugar sin for some swede candy before doing a pit stop for a drink. Julia being all matchy and shit.

These two. Nothing better than when you man and bff genuinely like each other. I could leave them to happily hang not missing me for a second.

Collecting awesome people since 1982. Winning.

We headed back to the theatre and saw the very exciting conclusion to the play. I loved it. The stage magic was bloody crazy and the story sucked me in like…well…harry potter and i cant remember the last time ive been able to focus on one thing for 5h.

So happy we did this.

We headed for a couple of drinks at Found before calling it a night and going home.

Sunday was spent in the garden. Look, my gladiola is fighting the heat. Hello lil flower.

Me. Pretty much all day.

Even George came out for a bit. Shocker.

We put the projector up and got ready for the finals. Wishing croatia to beat those bloody frenchmen.

Lee and Aniela came and joined us for some cheering, garden hang out and thai food. Unfortunately that wasnt enough and Croatia lost. But who cares when you have good friends and thai food? Really!?

When they left we did what we do best. Watched Lost on the sofa. We are on the last season, only 6 episodes left. Not sure what ill do with my life after this.

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