Im a murderer

Ive killed my tomato plants. Im way too sad about that. Might have channeled like all my energy into the garden this spring and now i killed them.

Accidently put too much plant feed. So ive pretty much fed them to death. Please, dont speak to me about tomatoes like ever again.


To nicer things. Went to see incredibles 2 yesterday with my man and Stephen. It was incredible (hahahaha). Honestly, it was great though. So much fun. Needed that in my life.

And Pho. Always need Pho.

Not only am i killing plants, there is also a discussion going with my swede girls and i have no energy for that at the moment. Its because we are all at our wits end i feel but still. I dont normally walk away from things without solving them but right now i dream of just muting everything.

But, then i would miss out on the big sandwich test. George is currently testing all the different buns at the store to see which one grills the best.

Im rooting for Ciabatta (have tried a lot) but im letting him test it for himself. Stay put for the exciting solution to this.

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