Life is tough but so am I

Life right now. Or at least yesterday. I’m on a 20 day PMS bender at the moment.

But today is a good day (see the first point). We are off to a day festival at Alli Palli with Amelia, Brett and Jim and I might get to wear my unicorn tights.

There is no unhappiness in unicorn tights.

Making sure I’m reminded every day that there is a holiday at the end of this summer. When my friends are all out frolicking in the sea this is what keeps me sane.

And good times with this lil dude. Hero man.

Plus awesome friends. Katta came by yesterday with a pick me up pack. Kitty kat candy and a book to remind me I’m awesome.

Right back at you you amazing human.

So we sat on the sofa and talked about all the shit things and all of a sudden they don’t feel so bad any longer.

Exactly! Life is tough but so am I. I haven’t dealt with depression, moved country, been boss woman over 40 people and owned the shit out of life for nothing.

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