All the bdays

I had a really nice talk with my mum the other day. On everything that goes in my head. Its easy to feel a bit lonely when you are in a country far away from family, especially when it comes to things like this that is harder to speak about to people you dont know that well. Sometimes you need your parents. Even when you are 36.

I also managed to actually grow two tomatoes. Before i killed them. Or, they were almost done and survived the killing.

They tasted like sweet tomato honey.

Yesterday i worked from home. Or ‘worked’. I got like 3 emails and there was absolutely nothing to do. So i changed water on the pool, weeded in the garden and did some other bits and bobs.

In the evening it was Amelias bday. Like mother like son when it comes to pork scratchings.

We went to Pig and Butcher in Islington. Delicious. I had hake and about 3 pints of diet coke.

George needed his hair out of his face and ended up a flower queen.

The crew. These are your Found regulars. I feel honoured to have been adopted in to this awesome group of human beings.

And the rest. Even the London crew is starting to be baby heavy. Love it. Little Alistair is such a cutie.

Perfect Monday night but not unhappy about home time today. Tomorrow its Harrys bday drinks, Thursday we are doing a picnic and Friday is Stephens bday. Seriously, whats up with all the bdays!! My non smoking, less drinking will be put to the test. But im a stubborn one when i want to.

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