Glitter it up in London

Finally got my period (sorry for over sharing but my 20 days of PMS in 30 degrees in London is over. Hallelujah. Feel like a new woman)

Its supposed to be 35 degrees tomorrow. I cant remember ever being this long in this kind of heat. My brain feels slow. I feel slow. And heavy. I feel worst for Woolly, he is so lethargic. Last night his stomach was upset and he kept us up all night. Poor guy. Good thing work is quiet and i can be tired.

I hear that Sweden is on fire. I read dystopian books of the future and it feels close to what is happening. Earth is angry for what we are doing to it and fighting back. I focus on my garden and try and make some things live. I do have a lot of butterflies and bumblebees and it makes me feel good.

On Saturday we got ready for a day festival here in London. A new one called Kaleidoscope at Alexandra palace mixing arts and music.

I channeled 80s gym babe and George wore  his trusted festival shirt. Ready to rock and rumble.

Met up with Jim, Amelia and Brett outside Alli Palli.

We got ciders and sat down in the gras to get glitter babe ready. This is biodegradable glitter so dont feel as bad about glittering it everywhere.

Amelia and me done up as proper festival babes. It was her bday yesterday so we were celebrating her turning 35 (love that there are some people around my age). Her, Mikey and Oscar are moving down to Margate soon so need all the time i can get with this beauty.

Glittering Corny. Of course.

I needed this day. After the last couple of weeks head space a day of glitter, music and friends felt like that summer rain we all need so bad.

We watched The Go! team, Mystery Jets, Beans on Toast, Oh my church and Flaming Lips. Solid line up.

I think we both needed this day. Not easy for George seeing my sad. He always tries to help but sometimes i just need my time.

But we had the best day and so much fun together.

Made Amelia in to a glitter goddess.

Sexy boys by the glorious view at Alli Palli. It really is an amazing space for music.

We mostly just hang around having all the fun (yes, it is a cigarette in my hand. I had 5 left to smoke before im stopping cold turkey. No more.)


Posing with my girl. Ill miss her, but, i also see it as ill have a beach house to go visit.

George was sad i didnt use my unicorn tights so he put them on my head. Classy.

It started getting dark and i put out the night time festival gear from my bag. Glowstick and LED lights.

Flaming Lips balloon extravaganza.

Yeah, BEST crew! (and best dressed because glitter and glowsticks)

This guy! Not to talk bad about previous relationships (ive been lucky and been with really amazing guys) but George just knows how to handle my crazy. He is exactly what i need when i feel like this and he always knows how to pull me put of it when i need to.

Flaming Lips. Yes, he is crowd surfing in a massive bubble. If i was famous i would totally do that.

Why not?

This is why you need glowsticks. So you can be seen in the photos.

After the festival ended we went to Victory Mansions for a couple of more drinks. Yes, i wore even more glitter #nevertoomuch

And Amelia got celebrated with a cheesecake from the bagel shop around the corner. Fancy.

Around 1.30 we headed home after an amazing day.  London, you keep amaze me when i need it the most.

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