My mind is quiet today. So quiet that i kind of wonder if anyone is home. Think the heat is making me a bit stupid. But at least im not freaking out. As ive always say, I would rather be a bit stupid and happy than smart and miserable. Stupid and happy seems so…easy. (Hows that for a life motto? Better not aim for president or something.)

Going for Harrys bday drinks tonight. Dont worry mum, all alcohol free. This body is a temple now (ish, i mean, a girl need her sugar and cakes and shit). I have a call back with the GP tomorrow to see what happened with my fertility clinic referral and then onwards and upwards. Im also going to set up and appointment with an accupuncture guy that George recommended.

Yeah, im a ‘need to do shit about it’ kind of girl. So, im doing what i can and enjoy (debatable) this endless summer in the meantime.

This guy is enjoying the shit out of our sofa. Being hot in his fur pyjama in this weather he sleeps more than normally. I was watching 13 reasons why. My am i glad to not be a teenager. Thats what i kept thinking. No matter what goes in my life im SO happy to not be going through that shit again.

Teenagers can be mean man.

Its a hat kind of day. Hiding away in the office where its AC and reading on my kindle (yes, its still dead here and will be for another month. Hello easy read books).

And wearing a very nice dress if i get to say so myself. Perfect for the warm weather. Have a good chunk of meetings today so will keep myself entertained before im out of here.

Tan, dress and hat. Im ready for this day!

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