Got a taste of being an exhausted mummy last night. We are switching W to new food and that is always a messy experience. His stomach was acting up and he was keeping us (mostly me) up all night. At 5 i had to take him out after him being out in the garden all night and then he needed to be let out 3 more times. Then he puked all over the garden door.

Poor guy. And keep counting my blessings for it being so quiet in the office. I brought W in this morning to chill in the AC. I had to carry him all the way to the office since he refused to go out in the heat. I know he is suffering and im a bit worried about dehydration with the puking.

Last night it was Harrys bday drinks at Home. Mikey has taken over working Home until they move down to Margate so he treated us to drinks all nights. I had one. And still no cigarettes (yeah, yeah, i know its only been 3 days but celebrate your victories.)

Harry having a shot of jager. Because bday.

And an excellent photo (thank god im not actually running a real blog so that i have to care about photo quality and stuff) of him getting bday cake and a card.

Happy happy Harry times.

Another brilliant photo of Jean joining. Hes just started working for facebook and did a serious job of trying to recruit me. We’ll see.

But, all is not good and well in the world. Stus visa just got rejected. We’ve been trying through Deezer but UK has given out to many visas in the last 6 months so its really hard to get one now.

Saddest thing is that he has to leave Emma and their newly signed apartement behind at lates the 10th of August. He is literally being deported.

No happy faces about that. Ill miss him both as a friend and as a colleague. And damn you Brexit and UK government.

Me at 5 this morning. Not happy!! At least it was like 22 degrees out and light. Count your blessings.

Look at the ring of fire of poo. He is walking around in a circle around me as far as the lead allows. Pooing. Yeah, yeah, i know. Not a sexy picture but welcome to my world. The opposite of fancy influencer photos.

36 degrees here today. Not worthy. We are going to lay in the pool all evening.

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