Almost August

Feeling pretty fresh this monday. Good thing of having a slow weekend. The less good thing was the little breakdown i had with George yesterday. A mix of feeling a bit lonely sitting by myself over the weekend, not having an emotional outlet through a fun night out (cutting down on the drinking) and of course the feeling of not knowing when things will be ok. I hurt over everything and i dont know how to cope with the hurt so i shut down. And that makes me feel lonely which is easy to blame on people around me.

Im just a bit all over the place. I try and be all good and happy but, lets face it, im pretty gloomy and sometimes see the bad in everything. As Sanna used to say ‘du malar faan pa vaggen’ (you expect the worst) and well, yeah. I do. This is like a test of my positive thinking and sometimes (well, pretty often) i fail. Big time.

So sorry to everyone who gets on the ass end of this.

However, new week and im going to Benjies wedding on Saturday. Cant wait.

On Saturday it was gloriously, beautifully cool outside and i almost froze a bit. Heaven.

W was loving it too running around for the first time in weeks.

Looks like autumn outside though.

One of those mornings. We hung out together before George was off to work again.

and W and me stayed at home. He had some interesting dreams. Sound like he is chasing a whole squad of squirrels. Me, i watched 13 reasons why.

Sunday morning brekkie. Still loving my sandwich grill. Yes, that will be dinner tonight. #carbsforever

Love with my mini man (or ‘second hand breakfast for Woolly’)

Mikey stayed over night bringin lil Charlie. Love his two coloured eyes.

Collect ALL the doggos. And yes, i really want another one but dont worry, wont go down that route.

This hero is enough for me.

Then we spent the day watching Ru Pauls dragrace and eating everything we could lay our hands on. Sunday realness.

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