Words about stuff

Its warming up again so i went to HM and bought 2 bikinis on their sale. 38 days to Bulgaria and i realised all my bikinis are at least 4 years old. And me about 7kg more (yeah, they were mostly bought during my depressed period. I was skinnier then. In a not so healthy way.) Or for Burning Man. And that stuff does not work with Georges family….

Having a fairly busy week at work which is nice. Waiting to get my new dose of prozac. No wonder brain is roller coastering me when im out of medication. Sometimes i wish i didnt need it but then i realise i wouldnt be thinking like that if it was a physical issue i needed help with. My brain is just too interesting a place 🙂

At least its not 7 years ago when i burnt off half my leg. Sorry for the pic but im so happy it healed as well as it did (all the red skin eventually peeled off).

Last night. W was being pissy with us all night, maybe due to bringing another dog home on Sunday, so we made him sit with us and tada, all love again. I wonder how we will react when we bring a baby home.

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