Ben and Courts wedding

I didnt smoke at the wedding!! Hallelujah! A whole day in a garden with pretty much everyone smoking around me and i didnt. Being good at being good.

When we left on the Saturday, missing our first train, we then realised it was a train strike. In 30 degrees heat. Tempers were frayed. But Goerge managed to sleep anyway. Total super power!

Ended up having to get ready in a train cafe bathroom and buy a wedding gift at a local antique store. Nothing like a little morning drama to get you in the wedding mood.

But we eventually got there and it was absolutely lovely. In Bens parnets house in Dorset. Amazing garden and Ben and Courts had made it to a summer dream.

Look at all these happy faces. Lovely local dinner and so many people i havent seen in ages. Me and Ben are shit at meeting up living so far away from each other but having met 8 years ago there are just too many memories.

Me and my own sexy Australian (yes, Courney is also from down under).

Ben being VERY nervous but giving a lovely and funny speech. Its just something about seeing your friends falling hard in love and looking at their wife the way Ben looks at Courts.

And these two <3. A long time since we all danced to ‘Cant get no satisfaction’ in their Hackney Downs flat. London would not have been the same if i wouldnt have met these guys in Ibiza.

More than anything, they taught me how to hug. Took my swedish awkardness and aloofness and literally hugged it out of me.

Yes, wedding cake.

Being the BEST wedding cake ever. Might totally steal that. Not interested in a traditional one but love cheese!

Some sexy Miami Vice vibes going on when London fashion goes to Dorset.

You have to love just sitting around on the grass talking to old and new friends.

But then, party… I knew Ben would make sure it was a fun one. There is a reason hes been my best party friend. And Courts is definitely the woman for him.

Ok, i know ive spread a lot of love on Ben in this post. But, he is my frog and there is never too much love for this man.

Or this guy. What a lovely, fun and amazing day we had. And of course closed the party at 2.30 am. Because that is who we are.

Leaving you with this. Late night dancing with favourite people.

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