A bulgarian feast

Monday. Only 18 days until holiday. Cant. Wait. Like seriously, i need this holiday. There is something to the three weeks you get encouraged to take in Sweden. At least when you havent had anything but two long weekends in Sweden more than two months ago (yes, hear my tiny, tiny violin)

Had a quiet weekend, George was away so mostly spent it with my girls. On Friday Katta and me were invited for dinner at Ellas. She had made banitza. George favourite bulgarian food. Poor dude was beyond jealous.

Plus all the other delicious Ella things. Quinoa salad, roasted sweet potatoes, shrimps and lamb kofte.

Lamb kofte and one of my favourite girls.

(Sorry Ella for this pic, you are a beauty really but this is not your best angle…)

We drank wine (yes, GT) and Ella told us about her new bf. Colour me curious. I love when my friends meet someone because a) they are so damn happy and b) i love meeting new people that will become important in my life.

Ellas sister Julie and her husband came as well. The sisters were unintentionally matching. Dont know why i find this so cute but i really do. Even down to the phone covers.

Ella and Loli. Woolly as hiding upstairs, he just cant take all the love Lola showers him with.

We also spoke about the whole baby making thing. Ella recommended some natural medication that had helped her friends so now im going to try Vitex. Its basically a natural herb that stimulates your hormones and helps regulates your period (and mood, need that!). My period is very irregular (26-46 days) which makes it harder to conceive and this is supposed to help this. Plus no side effects so why not try.

Im also taking follic acid after recommendation from the doctor. Thought that was only when you are pregnant but its apparently good when you are trying as well. Whatever the doctors tell me to do im all over that shit. Following orders like a boos. Last thing will be to book in an accupuncture appointment. Ive always wanted to try, who doesnt want to be full of needles?

Look at me trying all this natural stuff. Dont worry, ive done my research and its all proven to help some people. And who knows, i might be some people.

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