A finedrinking experience

George and me decided we needed people and drinks and food last night so what better than heading up to Resident on Paradise Row to finally try Liam’s new drink menu.

He’s basically basing his cocktails on food so the drinks menu is built up like a dinner menu starting with oysters and champagne and ending with carrot cake and espresso martini.

Yes, they were all delicious.

First one I had was a lovely apple and pea

And George did the oysters and champagne. Yes I had a sip and I’ve never wanted to be able to drink champagne that bad.

This hot guy serving me an Eton Mess. Just keep them coming.

The carrot cake might have been my favourite. Or one of my favourites. Honestly, loved them all.

Needed this night out with my man. Too much stress over the last couple of days.

Ending with a coffee. Tasted like melted coffee ice cream.

Liam, you and your menu is all kinds of awesome.

Then we headed to home for some verditas and late night sing along with the crew.

Totally the night we both needed. Never forget to have fun and laugh with the people that matter the most. Fact.

Today ‘working’ from home. Good thing it’s still dead at work….

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