Election times

Swedish election is coming up. And even if i have lived here for the last 8 years of course ill be voting.

I normally have a hard time knowing who to vote for and have been supporting different parties over the last 10 years. But this time i feel like i know what i need to do. There are two things that have fallen into place for me.

The first one is making sure that there is a strong opponent to SD. SD is our far right party and aside from trying to stop immigration they are also looking at making it harder to get an abortion, remove the parental leave and generally decrease women rights. Its also putting the heterosexual family at its core and is generally against differences. Everything that goes against my beliefs. This means that i need one of the bigger parties to be able to stand against them. Also one that wont bend and work too closely with them.

The second thing is that living and working here in London ive come to appreciate a lot of things in Sweden. Free education, cheap child care, equality, shared parental leave, low levels of pollution in the air, 30 days holiday leave, a good pension system and a generally good health care system.

Given all of these its become quite easy to see which parties stand for the things i really find worth fighting for. I know if might have felt differently if i didnt have capitalistic London as my counter part but for the moment i will vote for our swedish welfare system who results in a very equal society across the board. Most of the things i struggle with living here are working in Sweden due to that.

These are my results when doing the online test. Its quite clear that my opinions lean toward the left. I used to be quite purple but i guess London have made me red at heart.

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