The last of the summer

Monday after a chilled weekend. And only 3 more days until holiday. Its FINALLY here. Catch you on the beach!

I got my prozac as well. Hopefully the she devil can retreat into her cave and normal me pop out instead. Sipping cocktails on a beach shouldnt be too taxing.

On Friday afternoon Katta and me headed to swedish embassy to vote.

I had 3 different parties for the different parts of voting. My dads party for the community one. Of course. And then as ive spoken about before, i voted for the ones i think i can be the biggest challenge to the far right party. Crossing my fingers and praying for the Sunday results.

After doing our civil duty Katta and me went to the Scandi kitchen for a fika in true swede spirit.

Cinnamon bun and brownie with polly.

This is life!

On Saturday we chillaxed in the garden. Last days of summer sun .

In the evening bella and Alex came over for dinner. George made bad ass bolognese and they drank one of our bottle of wines. Awesome. We keep collecting them and no one drinks them.

After dinner we played Cranium. George and me won becaue heroes.

As always some youtube videos. Its not a George evening if he doesnt get to pull his computer out.

Woolly looking perturbed in the corner. He mostly danced with me though. He loves tipsy mommy. I love that its finally time to light candles again. Im so ready for autumn. Stacking up on cozy jumpers.

Sunday morning sofa times. Reading books and snoozing. yes, i know that it might be like this is all we do and to be honest, its not too far from the truth. We are expert chillers.

Took W to the park.

I found a tree to sit down and take selfies in.

And then straight back to my garden and sun loungers. Now that the sun is almost gone i really want to suck the last of the use out of my garden.

However, at the end of the day it was time to empty the pool. Must admit i am looking forward to getting my garden back.

Me and my guy. Hes just have to give into the cuddles. No use resisting.

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