Bulgaria pt.3

Ok, I still have two more Bulgaria posts to share with you so bear with me while i show you all the awesome we were up to (and for those of you who are like me and hate on other peoples holiday pictures, its a bit like being made to sit through distant relatives photo albums, just scroll. This is a hefty one)

On the Wednesday we went to Sozopol. Its the beach town where Georges parents met over 30 years ago. They havent really been back since.

It was filled with old ruins mixed with all the beach town life. Reminded me a bit of Visby in that way.

Hawt guy showing me around.

We did not dress for the weather. It was like 26 degrees and walking around in jeans and t-shirts.

What is he up to one might ask?

Immortalising our names into a tree. Naaaaw. A true romantic at heart.

Beautiful cliffs surrounding the town.

Selfie because needs to be done when you are on holiday.

George outside the place where Gina and Mario met. Little did they know that this would be the result of that meeting…

Or as i like to see it – the spawn of this holy alliance

Very hungry. Need food. NOW!

Not only does bulgaria have cheap leather they also do beautiful silver work so i snatched up this ring at the local market.

More cake, less alcohol but otherwise pretty much the same as when they first met. Gina, i think it was a very good decision to say yes to that dinner with Mario 🙂

Me showing off my swag that i bought in the markets. Ring and sweater.

Hey guys!

And lastly but not least, my new earrings. The star hangs behind the ear. Love them with all the power of a girl with stars in her eyes.

Stay tuned for the riveting conclusion to all of these holiday pictures (dont you feel like that kid in front of the teachers slide show…boooored) when we headed back to Sofia.

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