Bulgaria – the final chapter

Ok, lets just rip the band aid before the weekend and put up the last of the Bulgaria posts. Thats kind of what my head feels like anyway, a week post holiday feels and next week its all back to normal.

Then im off to NYC and Ibiza but thats at least 10 days away… (god, im not cut out for the jetset life)

First night in Bulgaria. George and me went for dinner by ourselves and choose something as controversial as pasta and pizza…NOT Bulgarian food…

Seeing beautiful buildings in Sofia.


After a nice little sightseeing tour we met up with a sydney friend of Georges who lives in Sofia now. Her, her boyfriend and their 41 day old baby boy. Look at those cuddly cheeks.

Yes, the baby longing is real. And George is a pro.

Me, i stole a dog instead. Totally two timing on Woolly.

The day after we woke up feeling fresh and took a walk in the big city garden. Its like a wild forest in there and i loved it. You know me and forests, i think im secretly half troll.

I love this kind of late summer sun. Still warm but not too burning.

More awesome sights. Look att all that gold swag.

I know. Selfies for the win.

Took a sneaky photo inside before angry priests gave me the death stare. Sorry angry priests.

Sofia is a very beautiful city filled with history. I loved walking around there, a weird mix of old and new. Between old churches and pretty houses and horrible, ugly communist apartement buildings.

More dogs because dogs are life.

This was beyond awesome. We went to see one of Ginas best friends and they have their own pool (yes, thats brill) AND the brother in the family loves apple so the pool has an…tada…apple sign.

I just cant even.

I mean, who am i to ever complain when this is my life.

More dogs.

More food. I did nothing but eat during this trip. Delicious but my body might have had a food chock. You know me, i dont say no when its served.

Hey, hey.

Yeah selfie, you know it guys.

George wanting to lift his mum. She was having non of it.

After sun and pool we went for dinner at Marios relatives house where we got plied with home made rakia.

Proving my worth despite being foreigh i drank like a queen. And anyone whos tried rakia knows where that lead you…

…to being Queen of the night!

We went to meet with more of Georges friends at a bar called Amok. It was two couple who ran it. They woke one morning deciding they wanted to start a bar. With no prior experience.

Best bar in Sofia. This is creamy espresso martini shots.

The day after was a write off. I kid you not. I lay in bed ALL day, got up for dinner and then had to go straight back.

Blame the rakia…

Last day in Sofia at it was time for some serious shopping. George had shoes, jacket, shirts and sweaters on the list. I had a new leather jacket.

Clothes are a lot cheaper so worth finding the things you are looking for.

Not only did i get a leather jacket, i also got myself one of these furry dreams. Now ill be ready for the zombie apocalypse. Or the swedish winter.

Sushi before we left for home, packing and one last lunch.

What an amazing time i had. Thank you so much Gina and Mario for letting me stay in your home and making it the most amazing of holidays.

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