Hello autumn

Happy Friday crew. Its finally a little bit colder outside, i love the autumn sun and to be able to dress up in cozier sweaters. I love every season but there is a little extra love for autumn because mega sized cup of teas, candles and only 2 months to december.

Need to start creating my xmas gift list. Kid you not when i say that all through the year i have nightmares about forgetting to get people Xmas gifts. Issues? Dont even get me started.

I should probably have a look when im in NYC. If anyone have a dream of cheap electronics or US things let me know (looking at you sis, maybe the kids are looking for something?)

Anyways, Christmas aside. I gave myself an autumn gift. New glasses.

No, they arent as huge as they look in these pictures. They are actually really nice on. See myself in mega scarves and these kicking leaves and looking fly. Also, this is my new leather jacket from Bulgaria. One thing they do really well, and cheap, is leather and fur so who am i to diss a good piece of leather?

Tried out the Ava bracelet for the first time. The one to help you track your period and ovulation without messing around with thermostat and stuff. Comfy and seems to be working well. Got my period today so good day to start. The ‘not this month either’ aside this means i can party it up at Danis wedding in Ibiza plus go to Sydney in March.

Focus on the good things.

Hello autumn. Cozy sweater and bare legs because still a smidgen of a tan I want to show off.

This will also help my poor skin after a summer of sun. The ordinary cost like nothing compared to the normal brands but everyone is raving about it so why not pay £5 for an oil that is supposed to work miracles on tired skin. You add it under your normal day cream and so far im loving it. Very lightweight and go into the skin but makes my skin feel soft and hydrated.

(Ha, look at me both beauty and fashion blogging today. Sorry)

Will see if i get that glow.

Tonight im seeing Ella for dinner. Yes.

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