Glorious dinner

Went for dinner at Ella’s last night. Delicious as always. Whenever she asks if I want to come to her rather than going out I’m like ‘yes please’ ringing her door.

Hoorah for chef friends. And always healthy.

We also planned to set up friends. Because who doesn’t love to be Cupid?

After a long evening of all the chat and talks about Ella’s new love (she is all starry eyed) she gave me a bag of clothes to try on at home (sorry Ella, but you are like half my size…) and W and me left for home.

This morning having breakfast in one of our new bowls from Bulgaria. Love them. And the price…

While George is sleeping the booze from last night away W and me are having a slow breakfast before heading out into the world.

Luckily my gift from George seem to help. My mind is quite calm and happy at the moment. Holiday helped. And getting all the tests done.

Work will be very busy in the coming months so I’ll rest when I can. Minimal amount of anything will be the theme for this autumn. Except for kicking leaves, I do love kicking leaves.

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