There is no bad weather, only bad clothes

It’s pouring outside. Proper London autumn weather. And yes, I’m totally loving it. Dressing up in wellies and raincoat I couldn’t care less. W and G try to hide inside though. Weaklings.

Yes, you are my best friend. There is just something about that unconditional love. And hairy snuggles.

Finally got the chance to meet up with this one. Need her in my life. We caught up on all the good and all the bad. Life, that never ending rollercoaster.

And cakes. Because cakes are awesome and even if I’m trying to live a little less ‘eat everything all the time’ cake is a life necessity. Especially coconut carrot cake.

Told ya, there is no bad weather, only bad clothes.

And to make life even better my man made me lentil soup based on his grandmas recipe. I got to sit on the sofa and he cooked for me and then gave me foot rub.

Yes, most have done something right.

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