Im a sloth

George have been trying to sort the boiler to turn on the heating that have been off all of this long, hot summer. Unfortunately he has managed to turn the whole thing off instead. So no hot water this morning. Dont get too close…

Yesterday i felt and looked like a candy. All baby blue knitted sweater and pink hairband. You need to be a candy sometimes.

It was cold and super sunny. My best weather. Took a selfie to George giving him a good luck kiss. Just because.

Then me and this little raggamuffin chilled in our freezing flat.

I was reading our bookclub book. Ill tell you all about it after out first meet up but its both depressing and really interesting. Hitting very close to hime. Its called Ordinary People by Diana Evans. Giving you a little taster here.

Otherwise its all pretty quiet at the moment. I feel like im hibernating. That kind of limbo feeling, im kind of just waiting. Not in a bad way though, i feel kind of settled with everything thats been going on. Not much i can do, just chill and kind of hope for the best.

Using my Ava bracelet is so far so much easier. No need to wake up at the same time EVERY morning (tricky with dog and weekends and travels etc) and it also looks at a lot of other parameters. Like my stress ration. Very interested at keeping an eye on that when work kicks off.

Here are all the parameters its tracking. The temperature is the main thing but all of these apparently matters. I got a pretty low resting heart rate. Wish it was because im so fit but i think its rather because im a sloth. Naturally slow.

HRV is the stress ratio. Im guessing it perfectly normal, i dont feel particularly stressed at the moment.

So yeah, all good in the hood.

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