Bookclub babes

Yesterday it was finally time for our first bookclub meet up. Cant believe i havent been in a bookclub before, i mean, its kind of my thing. I guess i was effectively in a 4 year ‘bookclub’ studying literature at uni 🙂

Its me, Katta, Lollo, Linnea and Lily. The plan is to meet the last wednesday of the month giving you a whole month to finish your book. And we take turn choosing the book and choose the place for meet up.

Since this was the first one i went for a trusted card – the Havelock, and we voted for the book. It ended up being Ordinary people by Diana Evans.

Me waiting for the girls to arrive. Feel like cider is the perfect bookclub drink. And mulled in winter.

Lollo was away but the rest of us was giddy with excitment to start discussing out book. Look at Katta and me looking all bookish.

Unfortunately neither lily nor Katta had finished the book and Linnea and me werent blown away. We gave it a solid 3 and there was some interesting points in there. Mainly around living in London in your 30’s.

It was kind of bleak though. One of those books that finds it inevitable that you will end up cheating on your partner and fall out of love. You follow two couples and you get the back story to how they fell in love but now its all falling apart.

Its also pretty much saying that having kids is the bane of all relationships. That you will fall apart and your love transfer to the kids instead. I dont know, i read it and kind of wanted to forget about it. I want to believe love can be more than that.

It gave way for some interesting conversations though. About relationships and culture and being an expat in a country you didnt grow up in. Lily is from Japan and the rest of us are all swedes.

Thats why i love these kind of conversations. They make you think and having to verbalise what you feel. I have a feeling i will look forward to these meet ups like a kid on Christmas.

Lily gave me a pack of her delicious kimchi. She creates this and sells it either online or in some shops. Im so impressed with her and the company she has started. You go girl!

Next time is 28th of November. Cant wait.

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