See you later alligator

Hey guys! Its Friday and on Monday morning (5 freaking am) im off to NYC so this might be the last post for a while. In that case toodles, see you on the other side of NYC and Ibiza.

See me rollin’

Trying dresses for Ibiza and one thing with my weight increase (yeah, i like them candies) is that i cant fit any of my dresses around the chest area. Like for real. They are no longer nice dresses for a wedding but booby mcbooby. So yeah, need to work out a dress that wont have the groom spit out his drink when he sees me.

So NYC Monday plan is to find a dress. Wish me luck. And smaller boobs (and om not even preggers yet, not sure where this will end)

Anyways, i had the best lunch shopping yesterday when i found xmas treats for dogs!!

I mean, its totally (not) too early for me but Woolly dont get Christmas, these are just nice treats for him. Im totally cheating the seasons.

Decided to weed our garden. Its gone bonkers since the rains and its growing all over the place.

3 bin bags filled with weeds and me trying to cut the roses and palm tree back. With a kitchen scissor. My hands have like a 100 little wounds now. Im such a last minute solution kind of person.

The last of the summer in our bedroom.

The tomatoes are still going strong. Hopefully i can get at least one more salad out of this crop before ill give up for the winter. And the next year ill actually know a little bit more of what to do and might have even more growing away.

The sky was cotton candy pretty last night and i had that ‘i love my city soooo much’ feeling filling my chest. Because i do, most of the time.

And my little man. Patiently waiting for the train.

Heh, Woolly eating his christmas treat. Love that i can sneak that into my life early.

My face for all the things i need to do before going away. But tonight me and Katta are going to found for a drink or two. Havent been out and about since Bulgaria so need my social times.

And for those of you wondering, i still havent smoked and its been more than 2 months.

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