October through the years

Since ive been running this blog for about 7 years now i thought we could have a look at what ive been up to in October since the beginning. Im sure it’ll be a trip down memory line acompanied with lots of tea and sofa time.



Last year we went to London cocktail week and drank all the gin and had ‘the best night ever’. Always with my trusted wingman.


George and me took Woolly and left for a countryside weekend. The people that owned the house had llamas.


Mum and dad came to visit and we finally took them to Found


And we signed our new flat. This is me the morning of going to the viewing.



George and me went to Sofar sounds and listened to music in someones livingroom. And drank ciders of course.


We also went to see Galantis. I danced like there was NO tomorrow.


I went to Paris to celebrate Sannas bday with white russians in a biker bar. Thats how you do it in style.


I also went to Ebbas wedding in Sweden.


Plus chilled on the sofa with this guy. Travels, music and Woolly. Sounds like not much has changed in my life.


Half way through October 2015 i broke my arm. That sucked. And made most of October pretty shitty.

But before that i went to a crayfish party with Eric and Dimitra.

Got princess hair

Malin and Hjalle got married and i wore a dress that kind of looked like a sofa and kind of like a princess dress. Suited me beautifully.

Once the arm was all busted i stayed at home and had people coming over taking care of me. Mostly these two gorgeous humans.

My parents came over again but it was a bit of a miss since i was pretty much stuck in bed for the entire time.

Basically my friends were all kinds of awesome taking care of me for more or less a month when i couldnt take care of myself. So much love for everyone.


The month started with us bringing Seb and Laura to a spoken word poetry night called Bang said the gun. You got glowsticks and cocktails. Whats not to love?

We met little Teddy the chunk for the first time on a dog date at the Heath.

And we celebrated Olivers birthday in Rye.

Lollo and me went to Evans and Peel for delicious cocktails and checking out the west London boys for Lollo.

We had long days in Richmond

And i wanted to buy all the Christmas hangings.

I ended the months with casually dressing up for Halloween at work. Hello there spider tights from poundland.


Baby bro started off October amazingly by coming over to take care of me when my mental health was all over the place. This is the year when things were REALLY bad with me and my eating disorder. You can almost see it in my face.

With the girls in Richmond. This place have been a safe place of mine for a long time.

I went to a life drawing class for the first time in my life. Lets just admit im not a budding artist…

Maggie and Fredde visited and we went out for some more than epic food.

And party times in our flat. Standing on the chair is a must at my place.

Friends ❀

We celebrated Robins bday with karaoke and all nigth dancing.

Not much has changed…

And Ella made the most epic cake.

The month ended with another wedding (whats up with all these October weddings)


Sunny walks in London. I had already taken a turn for the worse here but didnt talk to anyone about it. Instead i went for a detox all of October trying to figure myself and what was going on out.

I did photo shoots for Olivers mums website.

And went to NYC with my girls to celebrate Maggies 30th bday. This is is day drinking and dancing on tables. Of course.


Celebrated Halloween with Jules who came to visit me. We were vampires. She a baby cheerleader one and me one of the old school 70s rocker ones.

My memory of this year is pretty hazy. I really didnt feel very good. This is also when i stopped drinking wine.


This is as far back as the blog goes. Those first couple of party years in London. It was crazy but oh so much fun. One of the most depressing thing is that pretty much everyone i hung out with at this time has actually left London.

I spent a sunny afternoon with Pettan at the Westbourne.

Went home to Sthlm to celebrate Sannas bday at her place.

And then it was my god daughter Agnes baptize. Little angel. Have you ever been this small?

Chrisse came to visit and we watched football and drank beer.

We went to Raffles for yet another of those all night parties.

Laxen being laxen…

And Bella made one of the booze drips into a pole. Standard friday night in other words.

So much fun with this little trip down memory lane. Some of it has not been easy but looking back the last 7 years have been pretty epic. And more than anything, what awesome friends i have.

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