Before anything else ill just adress the fact that we got the results from our tests today. They were not great. Im not going to say more about it now because its still a bit raw and we need to figure out what it actually means first.

Yesterday i went to the park with Woolly wearing my new whippet sweater. Absolutely love it. Proud dog mumma.

W was having the best time ever and bombing around. Thats the good thing about it being a bit colder again, he actually wants to run around and play with other dogs.

Ravenscourt were absolutey stunning. Its still mostly green but its definitely turning now.

Look at this handsome boy. Cant believe ive had him for more than 4 years now. Never had any idea how much id come to love a dog.


This is us at the doctors this morning. This is before the results.

Im sure everything will work out eventually but today it feels a bit bleak. Ill stew in that for a day or two and then ill get back to fighting for our little family.

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