A star is born

Our boiler was broken again this morning so no hot water. Fortunately its not so cold yet so the flat was ok but no shower for me. Stinky. And messy, dirty hair for my new passport photo. Oh well, no one looks good in those ones anyway.

Katta and me went to the cinema to see A star is born yesterday. I pushed my intermittent fasting thing a bit and had popcorn until 9 o clock. Thats what i love with this, its not a diet, ist just a way of letting the stomach rest (and eat less because you simply eat less hours a day) but its totally flexible and you dont ‘destroy’ anything by missing out on a day or two.

Anyway, back to the movie. It. Was. Absolutely. Amazing!! Kid you not. It had me crying and laughing and i might have fallen a tad bit in love with Bradley Coopers broken Jack. I mean, we all know i cant say no to a bearded man with a deep voice…and then singing on top of that. Mmmhmmm.

And the music. Ive been singing along to Shallow all day and the chorus to I’ll never love again have me hiccup sobbing and like a cheesy fool sending it to George being all ‘this is how i feel about you’

Don’t wanna feel another touch
Don’t wanna start another fire
Don’t wanna know another kiss
No other name falling off my lips
Don’t wanna give my heart away
To another stranger
Or let another day begin
Won’t even let the sunlight in
No, I’ll never love again
I’ll never love again, oh, oh, oh, oh
Even Lady Gaga was amazing and i love how she feels real. Not too Hollywood.
See it! Such a good movie.

This morning F sent a picture of my little god daughter wearing the Batman onsie i gave her. With the cape. Super hero!

Had me laughing when i was waiting to get my passport renewed. They called me on the fact that im still registered in Sweden. Oooops.

Walked home through Hyde Park and it was one of those magical autumn days. Sunny and warm but that crisp autumn air.

And the colour. I was listening to the soundtrack to A star is born and was kind of taken by the beauty of it all. Almost shed a little tear walking there.

This is the face of one happy girl. Had a pretty shitty day yesterday (just life. had one of those ‘why cant i catch a break’ days) but today i feel happy and content and very much in love with my man.

Thats the rollercoaster of life eh. You just have to follow the ups and downs. Its when you fight them you fall.

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