My little Maggies bday

Its been a long week. Ive been working from home and been in an emotional shit storm due to getting my period. Damn you period…I wasnt a fan before but now i pretty much hate you.

Well, not all is bad in Cissiland. Maggie came to visit on Wedensday and we had one of those amazing girls night out.

Working from home my package from Maria Nilsdotter finally showed up.

My knife earring with a ruby as a drop of blood. Hilariously Lollo thought it was actually a drop of my blood in a stone. Macabre. And like thats what my friends think of me.

Felt like the baddest bad ass of all bad asses.

Matched it with the Fenty lip paint and all black. This lipstick is the shit. Best colour and sits like actual paint. Problem is that if you go out the lines you are fucked. And i kind of did. Hence the pouty mouth on all pics.

Showing the girls my lipstick. Its one of those magic products all girls should own.

Went to Pachamama in Marleybone to meet up with the girls.

We gave Maggie her bday gift from us girls.

A pink polaroid camera with a selfie mirror. Cant get more Maggie than that.

Ma girls. Love having my little girl gangs in London.

We had a perfect girl night even inclusing a free round of drinks. These ol’ gals still have it.

<3. Love this girl. So happy to get to celebrate her.

Havent seen Malin in absolute ages. That has to change! So i acquired her for the bookclub. Keep the good one close.

This is why you love a polariod camera. Instant awesome pics.

The staff came and sang for Maggie. Im not sure who is the happiest here, Maggie or the waitress.

Act natural they say.

Seriously, i love me a pisco sour. One of the best there is. But, the plum sours George did two years ago for Xmas was even better. Maybe a december drink here in London revival of that amazing drink.

After dinner we went to Soho house. You cant take any pictures but i was allowed to take one of the second cake for Maggie for the day.

And a couple of us because im a rebel with a cause. Take sexy pics of my friends.

We stayed until 3am…cant remember last time i went all in on a weekday like that. And we were all in the same space. Crazy kids.

Maggie and me came home and dove straight into bed. The old teaspoon routine. She woke up with a start realising she was delayed for the meeting with her boss.

Love that we are the bosses now but still act like 22 year old something. Awesome night, i think we all needed that.

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