Boss lady

Work is busy at the moment. Trouble in paradise. When you have one of your teams being as big as 40 people you are going to run into issues from time to time. So we are working on them. Finding solutions. Me and Rai from HR are thick as thieves.

These are the kind of things that 22 year old me couldnt even dream i would face. Running two teams of a total of about 50 people. That is a lot of people to make happy but also make sure they work. That delicate balance. I tend to be close to my team, trust them, know them well but that gets harders when the team is so big and you have 3 lines of managers between you and some of them.

But i learn. Find new ways of being a manager. And grow i guess. Take a lot of good decisions and some very unpopular ones. That comes with the territory.

Yesterday i got home quite late and missed a dinner with Katta and Madde. I try and make sure work never really impact my private life, i dont think it should, but sometimes its inevitable.

So i made myself a somewhat weird dish. A turkey mince chilli. George is supposed to stay away from red meat on his 8 week challenge so when i cook for the both of us i do the same. And lots of veggies. We all know veggies is good for you and the environment.

Hello there lil plate of weirdness.

I slept on the sofa the night before since George had one of his snory ones. The duvet was still there and Woolly was beyond happy.

It was cold when i left the flat for the doggy night walk. 5 degrees. So my furry hat from bulgaria was a winner. I feel ready for winter.

Oh why are you so cute Woolly? George came home around 8.30 but then left early again this morning for Leeds and wont be home until Wednesday evening. I call him the nightime ghost.

Not too unappy since i have dinner with Lily tonight and i new book ive been waiting a year for. Dont need no man, strong independent woman.

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