New day, new sweater

Hump day. Half way through this October week and a step closer to getting some answers. I hate waiting. Like HATE waiting. There is a reason i have already ordered half my Christmas gifts and is freaking out at 15 different teams at work because they are dragging their feet.

So this is torture. Getting some half baked answers from a freaked out doctor that may or may not determine our future but we wont know for sure until December. So we just wait. And think because you know, its impossible not to.

It sucks. But i guess this is one of those times when life is testing you and im supposed to find my inner zen. Still working on that.

Yesterday it was finally scarf weather. Jumper, leater jacket and scarf weather. Thats my favourite weather. We all know im just not a beach person. Me and beach clothes dont jell. But im most definitely a big city autumn person rocking my leather jacket.

George sent me pictures of cheating with dogs in Leeds. Breaking lil Woollys heart. He is designing a bar and selling Napue. Great use of all those skills of his.

Me, i had dinner with Lily at the Anglesea. Love that pub. She was making use of Cissis dress up box. Around Halloween there is always a lot of people last minute calling on the dress up box. One day when i cant be bothered with an office ill start my business. Cissis gift idea and dress up box company. Get your Halloween costume AND get your Christmas gift ideas at the same time.


We had delicious food and talked life. Lily has her own company making delicious kimchi and is doing really well. Its impressive listening to her story. And the kimchi is beyond tasty. Still cant get over the kimchi bloody marys we had at one of our pool partys.

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