Hey there lil pupper

Hey guys. Hope you are feeling as happy as i am today. Because i am. George came home last night and im pretty sure he hugged me ALL night. Thank god for guys who love a good snuggle. On top of that the sun is shining and its thursday and on saturday i get to dress up for Halloween.

Yesterday i had the loveliest lunch with Ella. Havent seen her for a while so it was mostly catching up on life, joking about the fact that cheering for good things in your 30s is very different than your 20s. She to her divorce coming through and me to hopefully getting happy answers from the doctors.

But, as always, makes me very happy and calm to see her. I love my London family. The people that have been around and seen it all. Gives you perspective to the fact that it always gets better no matter how tricky things feel at the moment.

Today im wearing Christmas colours. Burgundy knit and a green bow in my hair. Look at me still rocking a slight tan. 2018 – the year it finally happened.

My hair is also getting pretty grey. But owning it at the moment. Im going to have to start colour it at one point but definitely not yet. Have zero issues with getting older.

Got a new friend yesterday. My colleague Biancas lil pup Enzo. He is only 6 month and is a Duck tolling retriever. Very cute.

He made friends with everyone and being a retriever had a never ending love for the ball.

He stole both Woollys bed and ball. But too cute for me to say anything so happily let him rock and roll with that. Sorry Woolly.

Stole him and took him for a walk. Almost impossible to get him away from the tennis courts. ALL the tennis balls. That is retriever heaven.

Me and my tiny pot of goodies. I have given up to the fact that i need my dose of candy every day, just make sure that its a manageable pot. I also monitor the ocado shop every day hoping that theyll get the ginger bread dough so proper Christmas season can start.

George is going strong with his training program. Yes, loving those arms. He basically disappears early and come home late. Must admit im happy that he is not doing this all the time. Rather have him at home than a 6 pack.

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