Ice, ice baby

Friday and must admit im happy its a rainy, grey day in London. Zero regrets about sitting at home. Im planning to watch the A-list on BBC iplayer. Ellie, who was with us in France and is a close friend of Jeans, is starring and im using that as an excuse. Truth is it looks exactly like the kind of teenage-y drama i love.

Ha, i got a request to speak at a conference in Singapore. For the Asian market. Im flattered but also feel like i know very little of that market even if we work with it. Its in June but i have to let them know now. Problem is that i dont want to say yes to any longer trips at the moment due to everything that is going on. So sorry Asia, next time you’ll get to partake of my wisdom.

It was sunny yesterday. I used my new bluetooth headphones. Everyone is raving about the apply ipods but seriously, £130… i got these, awesome, bad boys for £33

We had Alastair and Sarah over for dinner last night. George got iced. Not even west london is safe from the bartender jokes. Sarah and me, not being bartenders, just kind of sighed and laughed at the boys.

Woolly making new friends. Lovely to have them over and George cooked chicken and sweet potato mash. Plus we got to treat them to one of our wine bottles. We have so much booze at home so we are always happy when someone comes over to drink some. 22 year old me wish she’d known 36 year old me.

Yes, my unicorn slippers belong to Woolly first, George second and me third. At least someone is loving them.

Family chill time once we were alone again in the flat.

Tomorrow its Halloween party at Bens and im going all out as usual. But one big night a week is enough.

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