Flower delivery

I had a lovely weekend. One of those when everything is just good. No sunday angst, got a little work done on Saturday and not even the hangover could get me down.

Maybe because it was one of my favourite holidays – Halloween. Love me a dress up party. And boy did i dress up this time. But more about that in next post, it deserves one all to itself.

On Friday night W and me chilled at home. Watched the A-list and loved how evil Ellie is in it (she is the sweetest human being nornally)

So yes, had to tell her. She like that perfect blonde mean girl. But also with some weird powers. Spooky.

On Saturday it was freezing but oh so beautiful out. George was working out, Mikey was sleeping in our flat and W and me took full advantage of the somewhat empty park.

Look at this. My parents called me and told me toxic levels in London is so high right now its not fit for kids but i love my city.

When i came home i got the most middle class thing of all middle class things. I flower subscription.

It fits in your letter box and i have signed up to 2 weeks. I love it. Makes me so happy with a really beautiful boquet of flower. George couldnt care less but at least he pretends for my sake.

You build the boquet yourself and then it ends up this gorgeous seriously giving me so much happiness.

My favourite hairy heroes. (Yes, George is still walking around without a shirt at home even if its bloody freezing).

Look at this pretty room. Hard not to be happy when the world is like this, filled with flowers, love and sunny, cold days.

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