Halloween 2018

Halloween! Best party of the year. I get to whip out all my dress up gear and go to town. This is when im in my element.

This year i had decided to be a skeleton. I had the onesie and my light up shoes from George. All set. Just needed to get the make up down. And, im not exactly a make up wizz given that i normally use blush and concealer. Thats all.

But, youtube is a girls best friend so i gave myself a good 2h and set to work.

Make up in process. There was a couple of mistakes and a lot of swearing but a was committed. I can be very stubborn when i want to.

The final work. Decided to go for the half face to match my flowery onesie.

Must say i was pertty impressed with my own makeup game. Just me, a lot of patience and youtube.

I did love the half skull face thing. Mostly because it was easier to do šŸ™‚ but also because it really shows the skull part off.

My onesie. Perfect for dancing but shit for going to the bathroom.

George was dressed as the crow.

Ben was amazing. He was dressed as the Thing and had ended up with pretty much his entire breakfast bowl on his face. Meaning he couldnt move his face at all.

Such a great effort from the guys. Always love the parties at their place, so much fun.

The bathroom. That teddybear though…

Haha, look at that porridge face.

Tom and Jack showed up as well. But that time i was alreday on good form.

Getting my magic on.

Ha, always with the tongue.

We left around 1.30. The party was really kicking off and both George and me felt that it was just going downhill from there. We are being good at the moment for obvious reasons.

Sunday was super chilled and as i said, not even that hungover so a win all around. Hoorah to Halloween!

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