Spooky season

London is filled with Halloween decorated houses. Spider webs and pumpkins everywhere. I love it. We are watching the new version of Sabrina and getting properly into spooky season.

We are still mostly waiting. For tests and results and all that jazz. And for Christmas. But thats mostly me. And to be honest, im really enjoying the lead up. I actually like that it gets darker and colder. And in a couple of weeks my parents are here and then my sis. Just booked a theatre for George, the parents are me. We are to see a version of Don Quixote by Royal shakespeare company. Looks fun.

Yesterday it was freezing and i used my hat from Bulgaria. Made me look like some kind of italian ski bunny. And my eyes are like blue! Leather jacket and fur hat from Bulgaria. Loving it. Next time ill go ill look for a 70s sheepskin jacket.

After a busy day at work it as time to cook dinner for us. I made a shrimp stir fry and decided to add some of Lilys delicious kimchi. Perfect little extra spice to the dish.

Sending George some kisses since he was off picking up Woolly.

While cooking. I love the ready to eat noodles that you can just throw into the pan and pretty much go. Makes cooking under my 30 min max for weekdays.

Dead doggo. Love our living room with all the candles and fairylights and plants and well, pretty messy but very us. Ill just never be one of those white perfect room kind of people. I love colour and life and messiness.

Woollys favourite season. He can be wrapped up in blankets next to me every night. A doggos dream.

Have some fun plans this week. Hiding from the trick or treaters tomorrow, bookclub thursday, drinks with Tom and Jack on Friday and then Margate to visit Amelia on Saturday to Sunday. All at that perfect effort level.

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