My little Maggies bday

Its been a long week. Ive been working from home and been in an emotional shit storm due to getting my period. Damn you period…I wasnt a fan before but now i pretty much hate you.

Well, not all is bad in Cissiland. Maggie came to visit on Wedensday and we had one of those amazing girls night out.

Working from home my package from Maria Nilsdotter finally showed up.

My knife earring with a ruby as a drop of blood. Hilariously Lollo thought it was actually a drop of my blood in a stone. Macabre. And like thats what my friends think of me.

Felt like the baddest bad ass of all bad asses.

Matched it with the Fenty lip paint and all black. This lipstick is the shit. Best colour and sits like actual paint. Problem is that if you go out the lines you are fucked. And i kind of did. Hence the pouty mouth on all pics.

Showing the girls my lipstick. Its one of those magic products all girls should own.

Went to Pachamama in Marleybone to meet up with the girls.

We gave Maggie her bday gift from us girls.

A pink polaroid camera with a selfie mirror. Cant get more Maggie than that.

Ma girls. Love having my little girl gangs in London.

We had a perfect girl night even inclusing a free round of drinks. These ol’ gals still have it.

<3. Love this girl. So happy to get to celebrate her.

Havent seen Malin in absolute ages. That has to change! So i acquired her for the bookclub. Keep the good one close.

This is why you love a polariod camera. Instant awesome pics.

The staff came and sang for Maggie. Im not sure who is the happiest here, Maggie or the waitress.

Act natural they say.

Seriously, i love me a pisco sour. One of the best there is. But, the plum sours George did two years ago for Xmas was even better. Maybe a december drink here in London revival of that amazing drink.

After dinner we went to Soho house. You cant take any pictures but i was allowed to take one of the second cake for Maggie for the day.

And a couple of us because im a rebel with a cause. Take sexy pics of my friends.

We stayed until 3am…cant remember last time i went all in on a weekday like that. And we were all in the same space. Crazy kids.

Maggie and me came home and dove straight into bed. The old teaspoon routine. She woke up with a start realising she was delayed for the meeting with her boss.

Love that we are the bosses now but still act like 22 year old something. Awesome night, i think we all needed that.

New sexy boots

Maggie is in town today. Its her bday. And we are going out for a girls dinner to celebrate. She is probably the one of my close friends ive known the longest. We went to school together and have known each other since we were 17. Thats almost 20 years. Damn.

She is going to stay with me tonight. She can be my teaspoon again. We moved in together 10 years ago when we both ended our relationships at the same time. It was a lot of pizza in bed, crying in front of the TV, late night dancing, laughter and hungover mornings. We lived in a tiny flat and shared a bed and most of our money went to trips and wine.

Not a bad way to live in your mid twenties. Now she is married and have a baby but shell always be my wifey.

Got new boots from Zara. Love them. I feel like a punk rocker but they are also comfy. Winter is saved with these bad boys.

Yeah baby. There is a lot of bling on shoes at the moment which im not a massive fan of but these are the perfect amount of bling. More than this and its an eyesore.

Getting status updates from my man travelling around. He seems to be enjoying himself.

Me, im coming down with my nose cold sore again. That time a year. Always sexy with an infected nose. So im working from home today. No important meetings i cant do from here and feeling a bit rough.

I dont know. Im having a hard time caring about work at the moment. I think everything im my private life makes work seem a little less important. Its such a struggle on a daily basis in my job and i dont have the energy when im also fighting life in general.

I guess im just tired today, infected nose and all. Good thing i get to put on some make up and see the girls tonight.

A star is born

Our boiler was broken again this morning so no hot water. Fortunately its not so cold yet so the flat was ok but no shower for me. Stinky. And messy, dirty hair for my new passport photo. Oh well, no one looks good in those ones anyway.

Katta and me went to the cinema to see A star is born yesterday. I pushed my intermittent fasting thing a bit and had popcorn until 9 o clock. Thats what i love with this, its not a diet, ist just a way of letting the stomach rest (and eat less because you simply eat less hours a day) but its totally flexible and you dont ‘destroy’ anything by missing out on a day or two.

Anyway, back to the movie. It. Was. Absolutely. Amazing!! Kid you not. It had me crying and laughing and i might have fallen a tad bit in love with Bradley Coopers broken Jack. I mean, we all know i cant say no to a bearded man with a deep voice…and then singing on top of that. Mmmhmmm.

And the music. Ive been singing along to Shallow all day and the chorus to I’ll never love again have me hiccup sobbing and like a cheesy fool sending it to George being all ‘this is how i feel about you’

Don’t wanna feel another touch
Don’t wanna start another fire
Don’t wanna know another kiss
No other name falling off my lips
Don’t wanna give my heart away
To another stranger
Or let another day begin
Won’t even let the sunlight in
No, I’ll never love again
I’ll never love again, oh, oh, oh, oh
Even Lady Gaga was amazing and i love how she feels real. Not too Hollywood.
See it! Such a good movie.

This morning F sent a picture of my little god daughter wearing the Batman onsie i gave her. With the cape. Super hero!

Had me laughing when i was waiting to get my passport renewed. They called me on the fact that im still registered in Sweden. Oooops.

Walked home through Hyde Park and it was one of those magical autumn days. Sunny and warm but that crisp autumn air.

And the colour. I was listening to the soundtrack to A star is born and was kind of taken by the beauty of it all. Almost shed a little tear walking there.

This is the face of one happy girl. Had a pretty shitty day yesterday (just life. had one of those ‘why cant i catch a break’ days) but today i feel happy and content and very much in love with my man.

Thats the rollercoaster of life eh. You just have to follow the ups and downs. Its when you fight them you fall.

Hide from the rain

Monday. New week. New start. Or something. Think positive and all that jazz. My dreams were filled with weird shit so clearly my mind is processing. But me, im thinking positive and being strong and go girl!

And, today is Christmas music day… the softest, easiest shit there is. Katta and me booked a Lucia and swedish dinner date night on the 6th of December. Is it ok that im looking forward to it way too much already? The trickier the world is the softer i need everything around me to be.

On Sunday it poured down in London. Woolly went to hide under a tree and refused to come out so George and me had to hide with him. I tried to take a selfie but he was having none of it.

Then you grab your man for a selfie instead.

After all that rain we dried up and went home to Skype with Gina. Woolly super keen on a conversation with grandma.

As soon as he got out of the hug he hid behind me for George not to get to him again. Who wants to be treated like a baby when you are a grown ass doggo?

George is in Edingburgh and Cologne this week so Ive got London to myself. Tonight movie with Katta, bday dinner for Maggie on Wednesday and bday lunch for Lollo on Saturday. Fun times.

Take a break from the world

There is a lot going through my mind at the moment. We won’t get any definite answers from the doctor until 2 months from now.

And I won’t talk about any specifics until then. Because we don’t know what anything means. I’m mentally preparing myself for any future. Because I’m like that. But talking to George he doesn’t really want to speculate before we know. Because he is like that.

I respect that. That’s why I won’t discuss it too much in a public forum. We are a team and I have no doubt we will face anything together. But in that you need to give each other room to handle this your own way.

So I speak to my friends. Read up on the different solutions. Fret. But with George I shower us in love. Have fun. Focus on the now. Hang with my little family.

(and yes, we have discussed it. Once. We both know what this is. So now we wait)

After all this I decided to have a very quiet weekend at home. Being somewhat reeling from the news the thought of putting on the mask was too much.

We went to the office drinks for like an hour W and me. Then he wanted to go home. And me too. So we did.

Took a long walk with Katta on Saturday morning. We booked Lucia on the 6th of December. And dinner at a swede restaurant. Date night.

God I love my friends. Listening and just being there. London have seen a lot of my favourites go but I’ve been lucky to have so many new come in its place.

Then back on the sofa. Sometimes things need to be warm and cuddly and safe.

My hearts. I love them very much. With these two the world, with all it’s up and downs and sometimes downright cruelty, doesn’t feel so bad.

George after his first week at the gun challenge. Pretty good results. 7 more weeks to go and he’ll be a beast.

Today having a slow morning in bed surrounded by furry, hairy family. If you have to take a break from the world this is pretty awesome.


Before anything else ill just adress the fact that we got the results from our tests today. They were not great. Im not going to say more about it now because its still a bit raw and we need to figure out what it actually means first.

Yesterday i went to the park with Woolly wearing my new whippet sweater. Absolutely love it. Proud dog mumma.

W was having the best time ever and bombing around. Thats the good thing about it being a bit colder again, he actually wants to run around and play with other dogs.

Ravenscourt were absolutey stunning. Its still mostly green but its definitely turning now.

Look at this handsome boy. Cant believe ive had him for more than 4 years now. Never had any idea how much id come to love a dog.


This is us at the doctors this morning. This is before the results.

Im sure everything will work out eventually but today it feels a bit bleak. Ill stew in that for a day or two and then ill get back to fighting for our little family.

October through the years

Since ive been running this blog for about 7 years now i thought we could have a look at what ive been up to in October since the beginning. Im sure it’ll be a trip down memory line acompanied with lots of tea and sofa time.



Last year we went to London cocktail week and drank all the gin and had ‘the best night ever’. Always with my trusted wingman.


George and me took Woolly and left for a countryside weekend. The people that owned the house had llamas.


Mum and dad came to visit and we finally took them to Found


And we signed our new flat. This is me the morning of going to the viewing.



George and me went to Sofar sounds and listened to music in someones livingroom. And drank ciders of course.


We also went to see Galantis. I danced like there was NO tomorrow.


I went to Paris to celebrate Sannas bday with white russians in a biker bar. Thats how you do it in style.


I also went to Ebbas wedding in Sweden.


Plus chilled on the sofa with this guy. Travels, music and Woolly. Sounds like not much has changed in my life.


Half way through October 2015 i broke my arm. That sucked. And made most of October pretty shitty.

But before that i went to a crayfish party with Eric and Dimitra.

Got princess hair

Malin and Hjalle got married and i wore a dress that kind of looked like a sofa and kind of like a princess dress. Suited me beautifully.

Once the arm was all busted i stayed at home and had people coming over taking care of me. Mostly these two gorgeous humans.

My parents came over again but it was a bit of a miss since i was pretty much stuck in bed for the entire time.

Basically my friends were all kinds of awesome taking care of me for more or less a month when i couldnt take care of myself. So much love for everyone.


The month started with us bringing Seb and Laura to a spoken word poetry night called Bang said the gun. You got glowsticks and cocktails. Whats not to love?

We met little Teddy the chunk for the first time on a dog date at the Heath.

And we celebrated Olivers birthday in Rye.

Lollo and me went to Evans and Peel for delicious cocktails and checking out the west London boys for Lollo.

We had long days in Richmond

And i wanted to buy all the Christmas hangings.

I ended the months with casually dressing up for Halloween at work. Hello there spider tights from poundland.


Baby bro started off October amazingly by coming over to take care of me when my mental health was all over the place. This is the year when things were REALLY bad with me and my eating disorder. You can almost see it in my face.

With the girls in Richmond. This place have been a safe place of mine for a long time.

I went to a life drawing class for the first time in my life. Lets just admit im not a budding artist…

Maggie and Fredde visited and we went out for some more than epic food.

And party times in our flat. Standing on the chair is a must at my place.

Friends ❤

We celebrated Robins bday with karaoke and all nigth dancing.

Not much has changed…

And Ella made the most epic cake.

The month ended with another wedding (whats up with all these October weddings)


Sunny walks in London. I had already taken a turn for the worse here but didnt talk to anyone about it. Instead i went for a detox all of October trying to figure myself and what was going on out.

I did photo shoots for Olivers mums website.

And went to NYC with my girls to celebrate Maggies 30th bday. This is is day drinking and dancing on tables. Of course.

Celebrated Halloween with Jules who came to visit me. We were vampires. She a baby cheerleader one and me one of the old school 70s rocker ones.

My memory of this year is pretty hazy. I really didnt feel very good. This is also when i stopped drinking wine.


This is as far back as the blog goes. Those first couple of party years in London. It was crazy but oh so much fun. One of the most depressing thing is that pretty much everyone i hung out with at this time has actually left London.

I spent a sunny afternoon with Pettan at the Westbourne.

Went home to Sthlm to celebrate Sannas bday at her place.

And then it was my god daughter Agnes baptize. Little angel. Have you ever been this small?

Chrisse came to visit and we watched football and drank beer.

We went to Raffles for yet another of those all night parties.

Laxen being laxen…

And Bella made one of the booze drips into a pole. Standard friday night in other words.

So much fun with this little trip down memory lane. Some of it has not been easy but looking back the last 7 years have been pretty epic. And more than anything, what awesome friends i have.

London colours

Im actually so glad to be back home. My London dressed up in all the autumn colours. Im still quite weary and covered in itchy mosquito bites, one especially annoying on my chin. So im totally enjoying taking it easy. Its leaving drinks at work tomorrow and Lollos bday dinner Saturday but i have put a caveat in that i might skip it. See me pandering to my inner old person.

And on Friday we go to the doctors to get the final verdict on all the tests. So its that. Yes, im a tad nervous of course.

George has started this 8 week work out and eating program and aside from stop drinking coke and eating candy (good work babe) he works out 6 (!!) days a week. In Peckham. Thats dedication.

Me, i dont do anything crazy like that. Just eating a bit healthier with George.

Anyway, this face is because George got tested and his physical age is 29…like even how. He drinks for a living and hes still fit. WTF!

Reunited with my mini man. Missed him a lot when i was gone but now we have a good autumn together. Im not going anywhere for a while.

Super warm in London still. Its 23 degrees. The cold keeps being a distant dream. And i have so many nice sweaters to chill around in this autumn. Well, im sure ill be tired of it come March.

Ha, my new jumper. Yes, im totally wearing Woolly on my chest. Yes, being that dog owner. #fashion.

The most beautiful of Ibiza weddings

Im back! And i most admit im looking forward to not travelling for a while. Will enjoy the shit out of London and our flat. Hello smelly candles and soups.

But, before all of that ill tel you about our trip to ibiza. After landing at 1 am, going home to get my bag and then straight out to the airport again George and me got told that shitty BA had put us on standby. For NO reason whatsoever. We had full price tickets and where there in time. Not happy about that fucking stunt. Their excuse was like ‘yeah, but you are not gold members so we kinf of dont care about you’.


But after a nerve wrecking 30 min at the gate they let us on.

And we arrived at our wonderful hotel. A villa with only 5 rooms called Can quince. If anyone is looking for a chilled ibiza weekend at a lovely place come here. It was amazing.

We went straight to the pool and i feel asleep like a kid. Hadnt slept for 24h so had earned it.

In the evening it was time for drinks. I had lost one of my contacts so glasses all the way.

Beautiful little place by the beach for margaritas and tapas style food.

The beautiful bride and groom. So lovely to see Dani again. She practically glowed.

Everyone got these lovely little copitas for drinking mescal in. Yes please.

My sexy man in his new blazer from Bulgaria. It was boho theme, hence letting that sexy chest hair out.

Dancing by the fire before hading home around midnight. A big day coming up after all.

Rocking up at the wedding venue around mid day. We missed brekkie (the jetlag was killing me) so George and me ate some bread hiding behind a tree to not die.

Was sporting a bit of a cleavage. Not my normal style so felt the need to hide my boobs somewhat behind my hair.

Dani looking absolutely gorgeous again. How does she even do it.

Pro wedding guests.

They had written their own wovs and took turns reading it to each other. Almost made my cry.

Finally married. Again (yes, they actually got married in germany earlier this summer)

Dani and her bridesmaids. I like that they all got to wear their own dresses, ust had to follow a colour scheme.

After the ceremony it was time for drinks in the sun. It was absolutely sweltering and baby Max chilled out in his pool with Kirsten and Pete looking after him.

Time for dinner. I sat next to Evas husband but ended up sitting next to Eva catching up for most of the dinner.

Glowstick party!

Coolest kids sitting opposite me.

After dinner the never ending party started. True to Ibiza  and team Dani and Flo we all danced until 6 am in the morning.

Long time since ive seen a wedding go on this long.

But, all we need is love.

Also, LOVE that Danis dress turned the long back into a cape. Like a super hero.

Look at that absolutely stunning, gorgeous girl. My baby is married.

The day after was a bit of a write off. We just chilled out by the pool and washed the hangover off us.

Not a bad way to spend a hungover day.

Last of the summer sun before the long winter.

Last day and we finally woke up to the amazing breakfast. Homemade granola, fig jam from the garden and fruit salad. Yes please.

I got a new friend with the bluest eyes ever.

And then our Ibiza adventure was over. What a lovely time and so lovely seeing my girl so happy but im ready for London now.

New York you’ve been swell

Having a pretty banging time as always in NYC. I have shopped a tad too much and definitely eaten too much but that’s standard right. You are not doing NYC otherwise.

Yesterday chilled out in Gotham hall (a nerd like me loves that shit) for the conference. It was a bit of a useless day for me so the guys hosting took me and some other Londoners out for a lovely lunch


After lunch we went to see drunk Shakespeare. It was all kind of awesome. Hosted in a room full of books with free flowing cocktails and some serious laughs.

The poor actress being drunk had to do like 7 tequila shots. Feeling her headache today. But it was hilarious.

After dinner I met up with Darren and his well matching crew of banker colleagues. Couldn’t be more perfect that they were all guys in matching outfits.

We had a lovely dinner and some drinks. But by midnight I heads home, the jet lag is a killer.

Felt a bit so so and ended up spending some of the less important time in bed. But I’m back conferencing and will go to the after party for a couple of hours before heading to bed for my flight tomorrow.