The beauty of the coast

Monday in a quite warm November week. Its supposed to be 17 degrees today and its a solid grey outside. Very November in other words. Im eating ginger bread snaps and drinking tea at work so not unhappy at all. Had a fever over the weekend but seem to have kicked it now.

On Saturday we headed down to the coast to visit Amelia and Oscar. Mikey went to London to work and we invaded is home when he was away.

W was a little prissy after mossing out on his morning walk since the park was closed for Guy Fawkes. So we had to feed him his food by hand and play with him on the train. Yes, a VERY spoilt doggo sometimes.

Eventually we got to Margate. Perfect we thought. Until we realised they actually live in Ramsgate. So while waiting for Mikey to pick us up we had a little run around on the beach.

Happiest doggo in the world being on the beach.

Sun selfie. The weather was absolutely perfect and it was the best weekend to leave London.

Amelia had cooked a sunday roast and her friends from Paris were there as well. Full house and amazing food. Couldnt be better than that.

Hello crew!

In the evening we went to a bonfire and fireworks event in Broadgate. It was us and absolutely everyone else in the area. Full house.

Here George is trying to win me a teaddy bear. He didnt. Good thing he is so cute.

A massive bonfire fitted with the effigy of Guy Fawkes in the top. Yes, the english celebrate killing the man who tried to blow up the parliament. Cute…

Woolly is ok with fireworks but it got a bit much with the cold and all the people and the sky going absolutely crazy. So we cuddles together under a blanket.

In the morning we found our perfect place. A road called Cecilia road connected to a road called st George road. Is like the know us.

Such a grown up.

We went to the beach again. It was very pretty. I love the autumn beach in england.

Selfie time with ma man.

Woolly was in absolute heaven. Two good runs in as many days. Thats the perfect life.

Look at this. I could live here.

Telling daddy off for not playing with him.

These views man.

W had the best time ever and slept like a baby for our journey home. By 3 we were back in the flat and i snoozed on the sofa all afternoon still fighting the fever. Just couldnt get warm. At least i feel a ok today which is good. No time for sleeping.

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