All i want for Christmas

Hey, i know. It IS early to start talking Christmas but i have (of course) already bought pretty much all my gifts and are now excitedly thinking that doesnt people need at least 2 gifts…

But, like every year i find it a lot harder to figure out what i want myself. I know, i suck like that. But i have a couple of things i dream of so ill put them here and maybe Santa will make my dreams come true.

I do dream of a new Fitbit. Mostly since my old one is so big and i want to use my watch again and i use this all the time so keep using my old, clunky one. This one can go with a watch. Clever huh.


Prettier, but also for my wrist, is this amazing bracelet from Maria Nilsdotter. Would love to look tough but also sweet in this one.


Or what about these gorgeous earrings from the same brand.

Less fancy but no less important is a rain jacket. I have one from HM but its quite flimsy and since this is something that is in every dog owners wardrobe im wishing for a new one. Something in a dark colour and quite sturdy.

Like this one from Rains

On the same practical but boring is a pair of classical, checked PJs. Something like this

Pyjama shirt and bottoms - Red/White checked - Ladies | H&M GB 2

Or like this

Cotton pyjama bottoms - White/Light blue striped - | H&M GB 2

You get the drill 🙂

Im also looking for some new cushions to our sofa. The downside with having a dog is that he jumps on everything so no matter how many times you wash it, you need something new at one point.

HM Home have a couple of nice ones. These are the covers but thats fine since i have the cushions…

Slub cotton cushion cover - White/Patterned - Home All | H&M GB 2       Patterned cotton cushion cover - Natural white/Feathers - Home All | H&M GB 2     Cotton velvet cushion cover - Dark green - Home All | H&M GB 1  Christmas-print cushion cover - Natural white/Pine needles - | H&M GB 1      Slub weave cushion cover - Grey/Cranes - Home All | H&M GB 1

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Mittens, because when is mittens not good. Especially these cashmere ones from Other Stories


Or a pretty green velvet dress from the same brand


This is all i can think of right now. But also, i love whatever someone wants to give me.  That is kind of how Christmas works for me.



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