Netflix and shut your brain down

One of those days yesterday. Mainly because we came home to a letter from the hospital telling us they have moved our follow up appointment to the 16th with no explanation. Means we have to wait another 10 days plus get any news right before Christmas.

I just crashed. Its like all the bits im trying to hold together just splintered and i was all over the place. This wait is absolutey killing me. But hey, nothing to do right. Just wait another 10 days. I can do that *cry a little to myself*.

But otherwise we had a good night making some comfort food and watching netflix. Best way to not think is to put yourself in front of the TV. Win. Once i go into my cocoon of nothing and stare it out a bit i pull myself together and get back to normal.

I might allow myself a cry on Sunday. Warn George and send him out and then let all the feelings that are so tightly bottled up out to have a little partay.

Christmassing up my computer at work. Yes, im totally that girl.

My little Christmas rose is looking pretty and making me happy every day i see it.

Wearing my new earring from George. Love it. Ive always loved having just one earring and this one is perfect.

All in all things are very much November out there and in here.

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