Wrapping it all up

Maggie came and stayed at ours last night. I took zero photos of that. Bad friend. Or maybe good friend since we were having such a nice time i didnt even have time to document it.

We were talking life. Mostly work and babies. She is having a bit of a similar nightmare at work that ive been dealing with for the last 2 years and its good to talk to someone who gets it. And then babies because on my mind.

She asked me if she gets pregnant at one point if she can talk to me about it and of course she can. It will hurt because it does and i might have days i dont want to hear about it to not break but of course i want one of my best friends to talk to me about the big things.

Life huh. Not making shit easy.

I was on a boring call last afternoon (legal stuff) and decided to wrap all my Christmas gifts while i waited (dad, that means you dont have to get upset because i steal all the paper :)).

This year is all stars and little baubles and bells on the packages.

…and fake candies. Maggie is bringing with her a batch of gifts for all the kids in Sweden which is great because it means i need to bring less myself. Win!

She also gave me a hendricks gin. Double win. Cheers to friends that know me. I know have two little cute Hendricks tea cups and my plan is to plant flowers in them.

It smells lovely in our room at the moment. That fresh hyacinth smell is the best. I went to bed last night in a dim glow from our fairylights smelling the hyacinths happy knowing that George was out with friends. Pretty good if you ask me.

Tonight dinner out and about and tomorrow swedish Christmas fair!

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