Christmas fairs and a broken foot

Saturday and I’m currently firmly placed on the sofa. With my man. #blessed.

Really though, feeling pretty good even if I stabbed my self with a piece of glass in my foot last night.

Still managed to get my ass to the Swedish Christmas fair after George gave me some pro hospital quality bandaging.

The Christmas fair was 50 shades of awesome. We were in and out in an hour and came home with all the goodies.

Including a trip to the cafe for julmust, lussebulle, julskinkemacka and räksmörgås.


Was greeted by my new flower delivery and unpacked this icy white beauty of a bouquet. Love it. George as always is beyond excited.

So taking it easy for the rest of the day and nursing my slight hungover from yesterday having dinner at Southam Street with these lovely ladies (the bearded man only joined after dinner).

Carving up with my lil teaspoon and actually managing to get a picture this time around.

There is always that one friend…

After dinner George took us to Laylow. Good thing knowing people working the members clubs so you can hang with the rich and famous without actually being any of that. #coolcats

We tried to take a selfie because yes, we were totally the people touristing around dancing like slightly retarded grandmas.

As you understand an all kinds of awesome night.

So with a tired mind, full belly and broken foot im very happy to live the sofa life.

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