Everyone needs a November laugh

Here is another round up of fun things ive screen shotted from that world wide web. Katta and dad, this is for you (yeah, you guys got exactly the same humor)

This is so George. Or like every guy ever.

hahahaha, this is so much mum and dad sometimes ‘yeah, i like send in-app notifications’, they like ‘mmmmm’.

Hehe. I would say some of them are spot on. ‘taking ghost stories way too seriously since -82’

YES! ive fallen for this one WAY too many times. If they play the guitar as well im a goner.


Woolly yesterday. He was NOT happy about being sent away for two weeks.

October biatches!

Hahahahaha, laughed way too much at this one. And thought of every ‘deep’ guy in school.

That me way too many hangovers.

My poor wardrobes. Only get my old shit.

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