I always feel like a fraud when i sit in those interviews

The third season of This is us is out and that is bloody fantastic. Except for one couple going through ivf. I had no idea you actually have to do the hormone injections yourself. I try and avoid to read too much about things im not sure im going to have to do but this was like a crash course in all things ivf. And not in a good way.

Putting a needle in myself for 4 weeks dont seem all that appealing.

Doing some interviews today. Im not really looking but this is for a somewhat crazy role. Reporting directly into the CEO. When the top management had read my CV and feeded back one of the things was that they were impressed with my experience and career being so young but concerned that means im a bit too young compared to the other candidates.

Hell yeah. Im a kid. Also means i have too dress all serious for the interviews. Maybe i can find a hairstyle where i really show off my grey hairs 🙂

I still constantly laugh at my ‘career’. Because who ever imagined. And if for some crazy reason i would get this job i would have to think if its even worth it at the moment. But even to be considered is actually kind of crazy.

Last night sofa chill.

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