Who rule the world? Girls!

Its Bookclub Babes today. Woop woop, cant wait. Absolutely love our bookclub and seeing smart girls discussing literature and life once a month. Hurrah for women.

Speaking of women, yesterdays interviews was completely devoid of any female life. It was me and 3 very white, middle aged males. Go figure. A very interesting role and definitely a step up but not sure its for me right now. It would take a lot of proving given that their reservations to me is that im a bit too young. And im not sure i have that in me at the moment. I just want to be accepted. Not having to fight for every shred of respect.

In other news, im 4 months smoke free and 2 months into my fasting thing. Look at me rocking the healthy life. My body feels good though, the fasting has helped with the stress bloating ive been experiencing over the last year and im just generally feeling stronger. I eat everything as normal (hey gingerbread dough) but for certain hours. Seems to be doing me a world of good.

Worked from home yesterday. It was freezing. Thank god for my space blanket from George.

My flowers. I know i keep raving about them but i really love this flower subscription. These make me happy every day. Must be worth £36 a month.

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