My babes are better than your babes

Another Bookclub meet up. I know i keep raving about it but i LOVE our bookclub. Its so awesome meeting up once a month to discuss books and eat amazing food. I see myself as a little old lady in various circles of great women. Knitting anyone?

Last night it was Linnea hosting and she had chosen Rabbit at Kings Road. Such a lovely place. Foraging tapas kind of. A lot of game and earthy tastes. Absolutely stunning.

New to the group was Malin, Talula and Rachel. We are now a solid 7 people from all over the place. All keen readers.

Katta always represents with the actual book. Linneas choice of the month was a thriller by Lisa Jewell.

It got mixed reviews. Everyone enjoyed reading it but kind of agreed it was a bit all over the place. To me she tried to cram too much in there and the story got a bit lost in all the crazy. Really liked reading it but cant say it stayed with me after.

I did however find it very interesting that the predator of the book was another woman. Since all the books we have been reading so far has had a strong female focus and looked at different ways women get victimized by men i thought it was really interesting that the bad guy was a woman. Driven by a need to please a man but still.

Rachel and Talula getting in to it without missing a beat.

Linnea loved it and it got somewhere between weak 3 and a 4. I wonder if we’ll ever find a book that everyone gives a 5.

At the end of the dinner i gave the girls the Christmas gift.

Everyone helping out to open. I had gone all out on the starry wrapping paper. That me.

Ha, using their book bags as bibs. Hey, why not.

So, they all got a book bag with Bookclub Babes on one side and ‘Keep calm and read on’ on the other side. We are official now that we have merch. I hope to see them all carry their books or kindles in this next time.

Next month will be after Christmas and Katta is hosting and chose the autobiography of Michelle Obama for our next read. Very excited about that one.

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