Princess hair and beautiful gifts

What a day ive had. So much has happened since 10 am that it needs another post. Yes, im trigger happy and no, i dont save stuff to post at a later stage. You get real time baby.

Me and my slightly unhappy face waiting for the princess hair cut. Because we know that even if the guy promised beach waves it will turn out princess hair. Every time.

Mid way. The curls are just curling a little extra to give me that glossy perfect posh hair.

Told you. Perfect Kate. Its quite a lot shorter this time and ill be back end of January to continue ‘work on my hair’ because apparently i have ‘a lot of potential’ but need ‘a lot more work’ to get that perfect hair.

Ok mr, blow my mind. I guess im closing in on 40 and need one of those power woman hair styles rather than scruffy 20 something hair.

Hello there glossy locks. Even the grey dont look too bad after this fix up.

Once back in the office i got a delivery. A gift from my baby across the sea. Julia sent me a marshmallow advent calendar to make sure i get something white and fluffy every day until Christmas.

Ok, be still my little heart. Its so sweet i kind of want to curl up and give up. I mean for real.

It even has a mini burner and mini grill sticks. Loving it. And her. You hear that Lulle – i LOVE you.

And to make sure my tear ducts get an ever harder time Henry decided to give us all leaving gifts

(…im kind of crying writing this. Is it ok to think that your team is the BEST ever when your 24 year old colleague leaves for a new job and gives US gifts)

My sexy santa bag from Crossley and Crossley. I mean, look at that beauty.

This is coming with me to Sweden because sexy bag and we need to up our santa bag game.

And in it was a glittery unicorn (ok, im losing to my tears. This 24 year old guy got me glittery unicorn because he knows i love that shit) and a Henry weston cider (yeah, thats his name).

When it comes to gifts i love giving them but my sentimental heart loves getting them when there is so much sweetness behind.

So this princess needs to pull herself together before heading to Erics bday party tonight. Otherwise itll be a drunken cry fest because little heart overflowing.

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